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Oil Free Compressor

Airwa Oil-free air compressors offer various benefits, including affordability, low maintenance and environmental friendliness. They’re an excellent choice for businesses or individuals who use or are looking to use air compressors and want a practical, convenient option.


What are the advantages of an Oil-Free Compressor?

Oil-free air technology helps you avoid needing to purchase filter replacements because they are don’t have to filter any oil. This cuts the cost of oil condensate treatment and reduces energy loss from pressure decreasing filter pressure. There is also the environmental impact: By employing oil-free air, you help protect the environment and ensure better compliance with international regulations. Leaks and energy usage are minimized, and the need for condensate treatment (and the collecting/disposing of condensate) is eliminated.
Oil-free air compressors are becoming more and more popular for their ability to reduce maintenance and energy costs, minimize environmental footprint and the possibility of product contamination.

Characteristics that benefits customer satisfaction

Class Zero Oil Free Air

Designed for energy saving and long life

Delivery of high quality air

Operator safety