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Screw Air Compressor

Highly Efficient Air End

The air end adopt the latest asymmetric line and 5.6 profile rotor, The upgrade of the seal technology from line type to band type, Which increase the air production around 5%-10%. Big rotor diameter and low rotation speed make sure the air end has long life-span and low noise.

Efficient Radiator

Large size cooler design, putting 30% of margin design, can effectively prevent the machine used in high temperature condition with our form of carbon by high temperature

Intake Valve With Energy Saving

Intake valve with High Quality and high reliability effectively control the loading and unloading of machine, saving energy.

Quite Operation

High efficiency cooling fan provides sound level low.

Air-Oil Separator

Use Germany technology, cycle and string separator, to ensure the oil content is less than 2ppm.

Automatic Control Panel

Intelligent micro-computer PLC, with the signals for pressure, temperature, current, provide with an important indicator of alarms and security protection measures.

Electric Control

Siemens core of a reliable electrical control components to ensure the long-term stable operation of units