Auto Drain Valve

Airwa is highly esteemed in offering Auto Drain Valve to the client.
Due to cooling of compressed air, condensation of oil & water vapour takes place in Moisture Separators, Air Receivers, Filters, etc.

Regular draining of these equipment is an essential maintenance function. By installing Auto Drain Valves, you can ensure that all equipment of the Compressed Air System get drained regularly without manual dependence, except for periodic checks. Low cost timer based ADVs are commonly used, but for larger Systems, zero air loss level based ADVs are used.Draining of Compressed air equipment such as Air Receivers, Moisture Separators, Filters, etc. is commonly done by low cost, timer – operated Auto Drain Valves.



  • The digital time controller ensures proper draining of condensate and avoids unnecessary loss of air.
  • All the functions of the valve are accurately indicated by the LED display.
  • Test switch (or) manual drain allows function test at anytime.
  • Noise free, as air is not discharged..


  • Zero Air Loss
  • Design Patented
  • Noise Free
  • Fault tolerant system

Technical Specifications

Mechanical Flot

Adjustable Timer1 Min to 120 Min

Working Pressure3 to 70 bar g
Max. Condensate Temp1 to 90°