Refrigeration Air Dryer

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Heat exchangers are fully encapsulated by PUF insulation to prevent the loss of cooling effect

Working Principle

Saturated compressed air enters the Pre-cooler / Re-heater, where it is pre-cooled by exchanging heat with the out going cold air, which reduces head load to evaporator. the inlet air is further cooled in the evaporator to the required dew point. The cold air is then reheated when it passes back through the air-to-air heat exchanger.

A refrigerant compressor and condenser supply low temperature refrigerant to the evaporator. The thermostatic expansion value and the hot gas bypass valve math the operation of the refrigerant system to the compressed air cooling loa. The process cools the air, reducing its capacity to hold water vaper and resultin in moisture condensation.
Air contains contaminats like solid (dust paticles) liquid (moisture) an oil (few traces), which contaminates the compressed air. This untreated wet compressed air enters into the equipments causing failures and affects the production process. Thus, compressed air is to be treated to make it Dry air, free from contaminants. Comprssed air is the most powerful and useful, portable, easy to use economical source of energy. In manufacturing processes, almost at all stages the compressed air is required and 30% of electical energy is used for conversion of pneumatic energy, the compressed air.

Product Features

Heat Exchanger

Hot Gas Bypass Valve

Thermostatic Controller

Refrigeration Compressor

Temprature Controller

Product Catalogue

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