Brazed plate type heat exchanger (Max series)

The brazed plate heal exchanger is variatio of the traditional gasketed plate type heat exhanger. it is designed to have lower pressure drop. It consists of stainless steel (AISI 316) Plates and two end plates. The Plates are brazed (99 % copper) together in a vacuum oven to form a compact pressure resistant unit. This compact design can easily be mounted directly in piping without brackets and foundations.

PUMP : High Pressure, high volume pump with mechanical seal for long life and no leakage. The pump is capable of working 24 hours a day throughout the year. No need of stand-by pump. Pump motor has overload Protection

TANK : Stainless steel will insulated tank to save power due to no heat transfer form closed tank

FRAME : Rigid steel frame construction covered with easy removable steel covering , free accessible maintenance of all internal components. weather resistant poer coating finish.


Adjacent plates form flow channels carrying alternately hot and cold media throughout the plate pack. All port connections are located in the fixed frame plate proving a low maintenance installation. Provided the number of passes is the same for both media nearly 100% counter flow will be achieved.


Ease Of Installation

All chillers are shipped pre-piped and wired. ready to install and operate, installation is made easy with convenientrly located water and drain connections.


Our CHILLERS are designed to require minimum maintenance. should service be necessary, a team of trained technicians is available to answer your questions about installation,operation and maintenance or repair. A complete inventory of spare parts is maintained at the factory and channel parters and local service providers located all over indis.

Technical Specification

Airwa Chiller Diagram with internal Tank